Water Supply
Water Supply

Our primary focus is Water for health, water for productivity and water for the environment.

Drilling of borehole hand pump and maintenance.

Restore electrical submersible pumps and hand pumps.

Conservation and improvement of water source, Piped water supply and sanitation to the community Harvesting of rain water to primary ,secondary schools and Health canters etc.

Construction of special places for animal's water (cattle, goat or sheep troughs),Construction of dams.

Treatment of drinking water.

Formulation of water committees and Community Owned Water Supply Organization (COWSO).

To run capacity building program to water users committees especial on hygiene education and environmental protection.

NECO will build the capacity of local communities to conduct the operations and maintenance ,Miter reading of water systems through the formation and training of Community Based Water Supply Organization (CBWSO) Committees .NECO will follow national guidelines for committee composition and the training curriculum. The training will cover subjects such as financial accounting, record keeping, managing the operations and maintenance of the system and recording revenue and expenditure.

To help water users committees to formulate development programs,budget for the programs and budget for common expenditures to be reported to the village council and District water department.

To help the communities to construct toilets in their residential places and construct toilets in areas adjacent to water sources.

Assist rural development committees, project budgets and budget expenditures for community submission community council and subsequent departments at the district and regional level for action. Empower the community to manage and raise funds for maintenance of water system.

NECO will make sure that the children, Parents ,Teachers and all community members gets water education , that promotes awareness of water that empowers community action to solve complex water issues.

NECO will initiate local club of water at the village level, primary and secondary schools clubs of water will be formulated educating the community how water can be conserved.

Initiation of the Organization Magazine.

Establishment of centre's of excellence in each District with technical personnel and spare parts.

To assist the vulnerable in rural and per-urban areas to construct house.