NECO Children care support program(NECOCARE)

In this program of (NECOCARE) we will do the following to safeguard the children.

To provide food for the vulnerable children and their families ,providing Vitamin A to children under age of 5 and pregnant women, and de worming parasite to children, protect the children from abuse ,neglect violence and exploitation.

Safeguarding the children from the following threats will be done in NECOCARE program

Abduction, abuse(Physical sexual, emotion ,psychological.

Illegal adoption, poor access to basic services such as health and education, child labor, child marriage, living outside of family-based care(Child-headed households, street children and living in institutional care).

Living with HIV, living with elderly care givers.

Being in conflict with the law

Trafficking, disability, displacement.

Lack of access to education.

Lack of opportunities to participate.

Recruiting by armed forces or armed groups.

Separation from their families in time of emergency.

Sexual exploitation.

Violence (Interpersonal, collective sexual and gender-based.