Entrepreneurship plays a critical role in rural economic development such as improvement in the standard of living, creation of employment opportunities, alleviation of poverty, utilization of local resources and reduction of rural-urban migration.

To help the fish keepers in construction of fish ponds.

Agriculture training to vegetable farmers, sunflowers , Fish keepers and poultry, ducks and others.

Encourage farmers to cultivate a variety of food ,cash crops and trade products.

Encouraging citizens living on the reservoirs of their sunflower cultivation, oils, and other weather- resistant crops, insects and wildlife products.

Encourage farmers to shift from traditional cultivation to modern cultivation for high production with low cost inputs.

To help farmers for capacity building through new technology of farming.

To help farmers on better way of utilizing of rain harvested water for irrigation farming.

Enhanced human nutrition among youth and other beneficiaries when food are consumed.

To emphasize on use of safe organic farming techniques to promote vegetable production in the shores of the Lake Victoria. Thus, environmental hazards resulting from use of agricultural chemicals will be reduced.

Cooperation with researchers and the government.

To create employment opportunity through farming activities,Textile dressing and training for women, youth sewing and craft speaker.

Assisting the youth on training of masonry works and Carpentry.