About Us

As poverty is still a major enemy of national development and that it is caused by many factors including Ignorance, environmental degradation, and poor economic infrastructure including poor Agriculture, AIDS, and many other things that disrupt the efforts of the people. As we understand that collective strength and effort are the basis for harmony and the real way to accelerate the development of the poor especially farmers and rural shepherds(Livestock keepers), Because every community is working to combat poverty by investing in establishing, developing and managing the development of modern economy in society and eventually living a happy life with brotherhood among them.
Thus, in order to advance poverty alleviation, the Nyamiruguyu Environmental Conservation Organization (NECO) has been established to contribute to educating the community on issues that undermine efforts to bring about development in the main areas of conservation and adaptation to climate change, to run rural water projects, Water and sanitations enterprises in Tanzania Mainland bring Clean water ,affordable water and sanitation services in the communities. (drilling of pumps in the villages), health and sanitation, establish and develop modern agricultural production projects and food products, control the transmission of HIV, to support and encourage communities to change behavior and generally provide community services including assistance to people of specific social groups including vulnerable, women, young people , elderly people, people with disabilities and people living with HIV / AIDS in mainland areas of Tanzania. Nyamiruguyu Environmental conservation Organization is local and non -political organization which was established in 2017 by the general meeting at Nyiberekera Village attended by the villagers from Iharara, Motukeri,andNatta mbisso in Serengeti District council Mara Region. This local NGO was formed according to the willingness of the community people in view to deal with the present social and economic problems in different villages by means of good understanding and sharing of the problems each other and to find the best way of solving the problems through discussion and people participation in the decision making and get together under un umbrella of NECO.
Nature of Organization
NECO is a development organization. It is anon -governmental Organization, It is a human - centered NGO. NECO can be called as an implementing organization which designs and implements various developmental projects with the financial and technical support of the community itself ,Individuals, the government and donors.
Have a society which is not poor and stable Environment.
The organization will work to support the community at the lowest level and find out an effective way to solve problems in their environment through co-operation and take all necessary steps in empowering the community and solving their own problems by reducing poverty.
Our Core Programs at NECO

    • Water.
    • Environment.
    • Enterprenuership.
    • Education which include NECO Children Care Support Program (NECOCARE).
    • Assistance to Vulnerable People Including People with disabilities.
Board Members